Bagan is probably the most famous city in Myanmar and also one of the most visited in the countries traveler route. The most popular option for most people to see the city of Bagan is via hot air balloon. This option is also around $370 USD (have you seen the current AUD conversion rates?). We didn't pick this option, but we did hire an electric scooter each for $5. Same same, but different, right?

Bagan is over run with temples, stupas and monasteries in a 13 by 8 km radius. Originally, thousands used to surround the area but due to an earthquake just over 2000 remain. Bagan costs 20$ USD to enter the area and this goes towards the government for hopefully restoration purposes. Interestingly, Bagan is still waiting for UNESCO to approve their submission for becoming a 'World Heritage Site.' Apparently aiming for 2017 and have have been on the tentative list since 1996.

temple behind us with a large crowd to view the sunset.

Arriving into the area of Bagan at 5am we took a horse and cart towards our hotel, which turned out to be not such a great idea for Brooke who's bag now smells of horse because of, how to put this nicely - back spray? Bagan is split into two sections- "Old" Bagan and "New" Bagan and then you have the option to stay in Nyaung U which is cheaper, has a range of bike rental options and you can easily access both sections of Bagan.

local showing us recently picked honeycomb 
Every day in Bagan (and in Burma) was something unexpected and new. Whether we found a group of playing children asking us to practice English with them, locals teaching us about the 55 kings and previous earthquakes to men looking for honey and letting us try it. Bagan is rich in culture, people and history. You need more than a few days to experience it all but I felt quite templed out after two!

I wanted to post about the bamboo and lacquer workshop we attended, and post a lot more temple photos but the bottom of my camera is jammed so not only can i not charge it- i can't access any photos. Technology and I - just isn't mixing very well this trip.

I'll try and do another post soon.
Until next time.


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