Jesse, Me, Nathan & Tom. 
Coachella  Valley Music & Arts festival is one of the biggest music festivals within America. It is probably the most famous too. It's an annual two weekend, three day festival located in Indio, California - two hours out of L.A. 

So I was supposed to be going with a friend from The Village (student accommodation) who bailed kinda last minute due to semi-medical stuff. Luckily, a guy from work was going and they were nice enough to let me hitch a ride / camp with them. 

I caught a 11 hour train into LA from flagstaff, met up with them and then began the long, long wait to get into the festival. 

Friday: Haim, Girl Talk, OutKast, 
Saturday: Banks, CHVRCHES, Holy Ghost, Warpaint, MGMT, Lorde, Solange, Pixies, Pharrell Williams, Muse. 
Sunday: Blood Orange, Neutral Milk Hotel, Lana Del Ray, Beck, Arcade Fire. 

Listen to a playlist of some of the artists here.

There was more than 20 artists who were commissioned to provide original artwork for the festival. There was a moving astronaut (pictured), The lightweaver (multicoloured picutred) which we called the pretzel and the balloon chain.  

We lucked out majorly with out neighbours (pictured.) We had the boys from Pheonix, Arizona. The boys who worked for Microsoft from Seattle and then the large group from DC.

We pretty much all pooled in our alcohol, food and then just hung out before starting the day.
We played beer pong, uno & flip cup (if you've seen always sunny - you'll understand the game)
We played dodgeball - and the boys were going to Las Vegas after Coachella, and so the DC guys even gave me a lift back to L.A!!

It was just an all round great weekend. I can't believe how fast this year has been going. It's already been 3 months since i've been away.

Hope you all had a happy easter.

xxx Sarah


  1. Everything sounds like it is going brilliantly Sarah! Lots of love and stay safe, Karl :-)

  2. You failed to mention the poo you left in the Coachella art house!





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