So I decided to do a trip up to Montreal while I had the time and I wish I'd gone to Canada whilst I'd been in Seattle to see Vancouver because it really is amazing (commonwealth countries am I right?!). 

I went to the Notre Damn Basilica which has some of the most dramatic architecture within the world. It's interior is probably more amazing though, high ceilings decorated with golden stars. Apparently, unlike most churches the stained glass windows are religious scenes from Montreal instead of biblical. 

The botanical gardens in Montreal are some of the best - with 190 acres. which I didn't walk. It has a range of sections. Japanese and Chinese inspired gardens, fruit and vegetable areas and a range of seasonal flowers and trees it wasn't surprising I managed to spend a few hours there looking at the beauty and also getting inspired for when I return home. 

One of the best experiences I had in Monteal was I met up with Habib, who I met in Portland and we went to the restaurant O.Noir. It's a one of a kind dining experience - served by waiters who are legally blind (apart from the kitchen chefs/hands.) You order your food from a small set menu and have the option of a "surprise." I had a duck appetiser, squash ravioli pasta and a surprise dessert which turned out to be a banana panna cotta. 
After ordering, you're lead into the restaurant in a congo-formed line (without the dance) and are seated at your table in pitch black! I couldn't even see my own hand in front of my face. Habib spilt water all over himself accidently and I kept trying to eat off an empty fork! 

Anyways, from now posts might be scarce because I'm officially out of the United States and in Lima, Peru! 

Missing you all, I'll stay safe and try keep you posted. 

Ps: Canadian money smells like maple syrup!! 


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