So, where am I? Ireland. I know. It's a little jump from say, Nicaragua but I thought why not have a change of scenery and it's been the best decision. Exchange rate, not so great but nobody has ever gotten sick of having pasta or rice every night for dinner right? right? 

I spent two nights in dublin and looked around the city with a girl I met on the bus from the airport. I then went to the small town of Cashel, for the castle there. The hostel I stayed in gave me a ticket for free entry which was super nice. 
The Rock of Cashel belonged to a king before it was passed over to the Catholic church, and was used for worship until the 1700s. People are still being buried there, and when that finishes most likely excavations will be done around the castle. 

Killarney was another smaller town, where I did a tour of the Ring of Kerry. That weekend I was there, Killarney had a beer festival going on, where you could sample all of the different types of beers on tap. They had a great chocolate stout and the Obroth3r brewery had a good red ale. I was lucky to meet a guy from France, who said he was driving the causeway coast in a few days, and I was welcome to join - this cut what I wanted to see in Ireland a little shorter, but a car is much better than a tour! 

I stopped off in Galway to do a Connemara tour to Kylemore Abbey - which is a Benedictine monastery founded in the 1920s, founded by nuns who fled from WW1. It's surrounded by trees, a large lake and a walk down you can find yourself in a beautiful garden (although I saw no bees.) 

I'll do my post about the causeway coast in a couple of days (hopefully.) 
xx SJ 



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