Isle of Skye

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So after Belfast, I caught the ferry over to Glasgow and made my way up to Isle of Skye via train and more ferries. Now you might think the train looks quite familiar, and the reason for that would be because it's the same train used in the harry potter franchise - most notably the second movie. 

Once in Isle of Skye I met up with Tom, who I went to Coachella with and also worked at NAB.  We rented a car because you can't really see Skye without one, I mean it would just be too difficult. 

Old Man Storr is a large pinnacle rock standing on it's own caused by antient land slides and if I remember right, the sign at the front said it was only discovered in the last 60 years I think. I couldn't really get any good photos of this area as we were surrounded by fog. 

It has some amazing scenery, and although we didn't have the greatest weather, it is just outstanding. It's also odd to think the only reason I went was because a girl was taking about her trip, and it just so happened that I knew someone wanting to go as well! (Tom actually got a job in skye, they offered me one too but I declined- maybe next time.) 

Climbing Quirang to the very top, where Vikings used to hide cattle (how they got up there?? Not sure) gave us some amazing views of the skye. We climbed practically on our hands/knees aand when we reached the top realised that there was actually a path... typical. The Quirang is one of the highest rated walks here, taking 2 hours to complete the loop and being 6.8k gives you quality scenery as it's surrounded by high cliffs, hidden plateaus and pinnacles of rock. 

Faerie Glen was one of those spots where you could spend hours upon hours. Those circular rings (?) are faerie circles, where people have left offerings - photos, coins, key rings, hair ties and more strange; dummies and hair. 

Isle of skye was surreal, has a population of just over 10,000 and looking at these photos (apologies on quality I forgot to charge my camera, so thanks to Tom who let me use his!) you can understand how it's voted the one of the best islands in the world. 



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