Can you really claim you've been to Cambodia if you didn't go to the temples of Angkor? It's the same pretense in the way you wouldn't go to Peru without seeing Machu Picchu or Guatemala without The Ruins of Ti'kal. Both of which you can find in my archived posts.

There are the main three; Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Bayon - however there are more than a dozen temples in the surrounding areas. Ta Prohm for instance, which is also nicknamed the Tomb Raider Temple as this was the film location for the 2001(?) Angelina Jolie film. 

Ta Keo was one of my favourite temples, although small, it is considered to have been the first to be entirely built of sandstone. It's seems a lot larger due to the lack of carvings, which was never completed. To me, it looks like someone has just played a game of minecraft. Climbing up the many stairs, you reach the two symmetric towers where you can explore or continue to climb to the highest part. Inside this tower is where you'll find a shrine to make offerings (below). 

Ta Prohm is surrounded by forrest, ruins and has trees growing all through. Built in 1186 it was a temple dedicated to Jayavarman VIL. I haven't actually seen the tomb raider movies, although that didn't stop us from trying to "recreate" scenes (below.) 

Our driver having a nap while waiting for us to return (above.) 

Angkor Wat really is magical. We went for the sunrise and then wandered around the grounds for an hour. It is the visual representation of Cambodia, for the Khmers. Unlike other temples, Angkor Wat has been in continuous use since it was built. 

I kinda wish I had purchased a 3 day ticket, 1 day just didn't seem to be enough to take it all in. Next time. 


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