Luang Prabang

So after Phonsavan I decided to venture up to Luang Prabang, north of all previously mentioned places. In 1995, UNESCO named it a world heritage site due to it's cultural influence as well as the history that surrounds the town.

(Wat Sensoukaram) 

It's full of amazingly detailed temples, filled with golden patterns, mosaics and shrines dedicated to buddah. To enter the sights, you're supposed to have your knees and shoulders covered - however I did see a few people not adhere to these asked rules. In places like the Royal Museum gardens and Wat Xieng Thong you will either need to hire a skirt or shorts if you're not covered up.

(royal museum gardens - entry: 30,000) 

Not only is Luang Prabang full of temples, it's also surrounded by mountains and beautiful surrounds. My hostel advertised a tuk-tuk drop off service for 40,000 Kip each!  People told me they were able to share a tuk-tuk for total of that, so I spoke to the driver (out of ear from other passengers) and managed to get it half price. 
The Kuang Si Waterfall starts with smaller, shallow pools which then lead up to the main 200ft cascade.  In some of these pools you're able to swim but others are a bit to rapid. 

I managed to climb up to the top of the waterfall - where I took my shoes off to walk through the eater and afterwards stepped on an ant. I then had an inflamed toe for the walk down (great/thanks.)
The top was really serene. Not a lot of people, the water calm and apart from the mean ants, pretty relaxing. You have the option to venture further 3kms to the caves but unfortunately we didn't have enough time. 

Located within the Waterfall grounds is a bear conservation program and a butterfly house. The butterfly house is closed on Tuesdays and yep, you guessed it - I went on a Tuesday.

The one thing I miss about LP is the street food. This (below - and I asked to take her photo) was my go to section for dinner each night and for only 15,000 KIP = $2.50 AUD. You have such a selection of food it's almost overwhelming. You chose what looks good and then she'll heat it up in a little fry pan. The only disappointment was when I got a large portion of pineapple in orange sauce thinking it was potato.

I didn't grab a photo of my lunch lady, but for the same price I was getting a large chicken sandwich with black pepper, cucumber, carrot, tomato, onion, cheese, mayo and a fruit shake of choice. I love having my go to food stalls because they generally love that you keep coming back. It's nice to have a little routine in your life, even when you travel. 
My lunch lady after the third day was always "here for orange shake no sugar?" and then "see you later for a sandwich" which was completely true. I don't know how the remember my face and order when sometimes I can't remember the names of people I've been hanging out with for two days.  

I thought I might have been able to pop in my Thailand post, but that will have to wait. I only have 5 more hours in the Airport before I get to check in for my fight to Myanmar. There are elections going on in this country right now, so if you feel like you need to contact me about anything in regardless to where I am, what I'm doing - feel free to email me (found on the left of this page) however there is very limited wifi there. 

Write to you all in 2 weeks!! 


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