Hostel Living

 Hi Guys,

Flagstaff is pretty cool so far. Last weekend the guys from Coachella came through to see the Grand Canyon, so I hung out with them for a bit and showed them around.
It snowed on Saturday, Flagstaff actually has a bit on Melbourne weather - it's pretty bipolar.
My roommate, Jess and I have started a weekly pub crawl on Thursdays and take the hostel guests around to 5-7 of the best flagstaff bars.

Anyways, we just moved rooms so here's a look:

We took out the bottom bunk to allow more space. 

Top bunk is mine. 

Miss you, 
xxx Sarah 


  1. Sarah's messy room - some things never change! Hey how about a postcard sometime? And one for Liam if you have time - he is on King Island for the Term. Love, Karl





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