Hey Guys,
                   Jess and I drove for 5 hours up to Utah the other day to check out some of the canyons that were around. Leaving on the Wednesday night, managed to get there at around 10pm to meet Maria, a former hostel employee. 

Maria had an annual park permit, which allowed us to skip the $25.00 car fee to enter Bryce Canyon. We hiked down to the bottom, tried to find a creek but didn't really have much luck. It was a pretty short hike - maybe 2 hours in total. 
We managed to make friends with a lil' chipmunk that came right up to us and saw a few antelopes as well. 

The second night we camped out in Hogs Canyon, it is more of a driving track for bikes and 4wheel drives but has a large car park and general space for tents. It was also free, which was nice.
Had a lovely meal in the town of Kenab called 'Rocking V Cafe.' They had the most amazing almond chicken in a mushroom masala sauce. We had two people from New York sit next to us and they gave us some tips and recommendations about Zion Canyon, what they were doing in Utah and how long they had been travelling for.

Before going to Zion Canyon, we stopped at Best Friends Animal Society. They believe in the fact that no pet should become homeless, or have to be euthanised due to lack of room in a shelter. They take in Horses, Pigs, Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits and also have a wildlife program.  We did a tour around, watched a horse demonstration and I purchased a shirt.
I included the link if you want to check them out!

It was pretty horrid weather when we went to Zion, which was unlucky as Bryce had been so beautiful. Due to the stormy nature, we decided to just drive down and look at the large rock formations instead of hiking down the 'Narrows' which was a little disappointing to be honest, but I still had an amazing time.

xxx I'll be sending out postcards this week / calling home, promise. xx
Miss you  - Sarah.


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