The Ruins of Tikal were amazing. I woke up at 4am at Los Amigos, one of the most popular hostels in Flores (with good reason) and grabbed my packed breakfast to venture out with the group at 4:30am 

We arrived at around 6:30am just after the sun had started to rise, I would have loved to do the sunrise tour however at this time of year it's to foggy, so I thought I'd save the extra cash. 

Tikal was declared part of UNESCO in 1979 and during the maya time was the capital of the conquest state. It's surrounded by rainforest and many animals, which makes it so amazing. It's within the 'tikal national park' which covers 570 square kilometres (220 sq meters.) 

After Tikal I went for a border run to Belize as I've been here in Guatemala for 3 months which is the timeframe for the C-4 region visa (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador & Nicaragua.) 
Taking a shuttle from the main station, I was able to do the whole thing in a day (although they recommend 3 days) and I didn't notice, however I didn't get a reentey stamp for Guatemala until I was at the border for El Salvador... 

It ended up fine, I got back to the capital of Guatemala, explained "I have a small problem with my passport in Spanish" gave them $30 for a stamp/visa extension and was on my way! Normally you have to wait 8 days for the extension but because I already had the belize entry/exit stamps I think they gave me an exemption, if only they could have for the fine as well! 


Getting to El Salvador border from Guatemala City: 
I couldn't find any real information on this except for "gringo shuttles" which are normally very overpriced, and don't make you feel any safer or give you the authentic travel of Central America. 

From your hostel, hotel, couch you take the green bus system to zone 4: terminal for 1Q. 
It's a busy area, but ask a local for the "Pullman to San Christobal" or "Pullman area" - San christobal is the border town for El Salvadoe and "Pullman" is another word for coach here, although I have seen a Pullman company so..? It'd be a 5 min walk right from the terminal towards the buses. 
The Pullman cost me 40Q direct - with stops, but not as badly as a chicken bus! 

Cross the border - you do NOT need to pay 20Q, I asked at immigration when I spent the day! You'll find chicken buses to Santa Ana and they should be under a dollar. Make sure you've got USD on you until you get to an ATM. 


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