Ghent was probably one of the most striking cities I visited. It's old town district was a cluster of cathedrals, homes and restaurants all surrounded by large sitting areas. As you can see above, the day was cloudy but people still came out in dozens. It's also less touristy as most people opt to go to Bruges (below) instead. 
Belgium in general was just a beautiful county. I was travelling with my Swedish friend, Emil. I met him in Peru, and later travelled with him again in Ecuador. We spent a few days in Belgium before heading off to Luxembourg. 

Luxembourg is a country I didn't really know much about. It's so small - taking 41 minutes to drive from the North to South. It also has a population of just under 550,000 (2013 census.) Although small, it's got lots of history and is really stunning. 
While here we went swimming in rivers, checked out old castles with very impressive views and visited lots of small towns. 

The final destination was the northern part of France to see Emil's friends for a birthday. We spent a couple of days with them - going around the small town and trying Welsh, which is a delicacy (??) in Northern France. It's effectively toasted bread with ham and eggs then covered in a large layer or melted cheese. It could also be argued that it was originally Welsh (thus the name) but then that happens a lot with Fondue and the Swiss or pavlova and the Australins... 

I'm sitting in the taiwain airport waiting for my connecting flight to Cambodia which is the last leg of this trip. I'll do a post on my travels with Bryony whilst in the USA/Canada again and then it will be South East Asia before finally ending home. 



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